Interesting Paper on Secondary Health Conditions

Interesting Paper on Secondary Health Conditions

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An interesting advance online publication [1] has come out in the journal ‘Spinal Cord‘ – which provides a definition and model for understanding factors that are related to secondary health conditions (SHC)s as individuals age with a disability and discusses the implications of the model for the assessment of SHCs.  It also discusses implications for developing interventions that minimize their frequency, severity and negative effects on the quality of life of individuals aging with SCI and other disabilities.

As with quality of life, there is a need for some clarity on what constitutes a SHC after SCI, and this article provides some good suggestions for consensus.

  1. Jensen MP, Molton IR, Groah SL, Campbell ML, Charlifue S, Chiodo A, Forchheimer M, Krause JS, Tate D. Secondary health conditions in individuals aging with SCI: Terminology, concepts and analytic approaches. Spinal Cord 2011; 1-6.
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