Knowledge Translation: Turning Research Into Application

Knowledge Translation: Turning Research Into Application

The importance of knowledge translation (KT) in healthcare is profound. In much the same way as thinking is not the same as doing, knowing the best practices guidelines for chronic disease management, for example, is not the same as applying them.  This gap between the literature and practical application at a patient’s bedside refers to a need for specialized resources and a group of experts to come together in order to put knowledge into action.

Knowledge Translation Canada (KT Canada) is a ‘network of Canadian experts in knowledge translation’ that joined forces to do exactly that. Their goals involve improving the communication of research results, developing a consensus on KT terminology and methods, and ensuring that KT efforts have a lasting impact across the continuum of care by engaging health professionals, community members and various other targeted stakeholders.

Check out their website and become more educated on the tools and resources available to help you learn more about the KT process!

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