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Announcing the Arrival of the PAR-QoL Newsletter Mar 11, 2013

The Participation and Quality of Life (PAR-QoL) Tool-Kit website has launched its first quarterly newsletter.  The newsletter provides you with important updates in the field of spinal cord injury (SCI) and quality of life.  This includes new developments on the website (i.e., blog postings,expert-spotlight events), and other important news and events in the field (i.e., upcoming conferences, new research, educational resources, etc.).  All of this information will be conveniently delivered to your email inbox.

To subscribe to the newsletter, go to:

Our first newsletter was launched on Monday March 11, 2013 and it can be viewed online here

Why should I subscribe?

  • Keep you updated on important issues in the field of SCI (news, conferences, educational resources, etc.).

  • Subscription provides you with free access to our discussion forum.  This feature can be used to exchange important ideas or get tips on your own research/program evaluation.

  • Subscribers can send in requests to have postings included in the newsletter*.  The site average over 5,000 visitors a month (and is growing) - this is an excellent venue for mobilizing knowledge about your research to a diverse group of stakeholders from all over the world.

The PAR-QoL website was designed to serve as an educational resource for professionals working in the field of SCI to learn about quality of life outcome measures.  We hope that additional features, such as the newsletter, will provide up-to-date information to the larger SCI community on what is available to advance science and improve quality of life.  We invite you to explore our site!  Please share this announcement widely!
Questions? – Email:

* All requests for posting information on the newsletter or other features (blog, news & events) will be reviewed by the PAR-QoL team prior to posting. 

Funding for PAR-QoL is provided by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation & the Réseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaptation-Readaptation.