Monday October 7, 2013

The PAR-QoL team is proud and excited to present an expert spotlight event with Dr. Brett Smith from Loughborough University, UK.  During the month of October 2013, visitors to the PAR-QoL website can submit a question to Dr. Smith about spinal cord injury (SCI) and quality of life research to obtain his thoughts and perspectives on the current state of the field.  The website will accept questions until Monday November 11th 2013.  Dr. Smith will then post his responses to selected questions in early December 2013 (date-to-be-determined).  See Dr. Smith’s bio below to learn more about his work in the field of SCI.

To learn more  and to submit a question for the upcoming event, click …[here]

Dr. Brett Smith Bio

Dr Brett Smith leads the psycho-social health and wellbeing strand within the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport at Loughborough University, UK. For over 15 years, and supported by over £4 million in external funding, his research has investigated what promotes and hinders disabled people’s quality of life. His research has resulted in over 100 publications and 100 invited talks. To help transfer research on quality of life and wellbeing into practice, he has worked with numerous inter/national spinal cord injury organisations, including Aspire, Spinal Injuries Association, Back-Up, and SCI Action Canada. By invitation, he has also been privileged to present his work on several occasions in the UK Government Houses of Parliament. Brett is co-author of the book, Qualitative research methods in sport, exercise, and health: From process to product.

6th National SCI Conference – Website Now On-Line

The 6th National SCI Conference ‘Bioinformatics Informs SCI Rehabilitation’ has just opened up their conference website (

The Pre-Conference will be on Oct. 2, 2014, and the main conference will occur on Oct. 3 and 4th, 2014.

Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine – Special Issue

A special issue of The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, published by Maney Publishing, examines various advances made in technology to aid people with SCI.

The issue is guest edited by Dr. Rory Cooper, a member of the journal’s Editorial Board.  Dr. Cooper serves as Engineering Director of the University of Pittsburgh SCI Model System.

His Commentary, Technology, trends, and the future for people with spinal cord injury is available for free download.

Dr. Cooper is the FISA/PVA Endowed Chair and a Distinguished Professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.  He is also the Center Director at the Center of Excellence for Wheelchair and Related Technology, VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Center, and a Senior Career Scientist at the VA Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

To view the special issue, Volume 36.4, of which the editorial is free available here.

PAR-QoL – Spread the Word!

PAR-QoL – Faites passer le mot!

The PAR-QoL website started back in Nov. 2011, with our additional features such as our blog, news and events, being fully implemented throughout 2012 and 2013. The idea behind having these interactive features is to help foster an on-line community of persons interested in SCI-related research, with an emphasis on matters related to quality of life and social participation. As a result of these activities, along with the core content presented on the site (i.e., outcome tools), the PAR-QoL site has managed to attract approximately 5,000 visitors a month.

We are asking our newsletter subscribers to help us grow by referring your colleagues to the PAR-QoL website, and/or to ask them to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. Having strong indicators that the website is being accessed helps our efforts to pursue additional sources of funding to keep the site’s content up-to-date and relevant.

We hope to continue to meet the needs of people dedicated to working in the SCI field.  Thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely, The PAR-QoL Team

Le site internet PAR-QoL a été lancé en novembre 2011 et des sections supplémentaires telles que le blog, les nouvelles  et événements, ont été ajoutées au cours de 2012 et 2013. L’objectif d’avoir ces sections interactives sur le site est de contribuer à favoriser une communauté virtuelle de personnes s’intéressant à la recherche portant sur les lésions médullaires, avec une emphase sur la qualité de vie et la participation sociale. Ces activités, de même que le contenu principal du site (outils d’évaluation), ont permis d’attirer environ 5 000 visiteurs par mois.

Nous demandons aux personnes abonnées à notre bulletin de nouvelles à contribuer à notre croissance en référant vos collègues au site de PAR-QoL et/ou leur proposer de s’abonner à notre bulletin de nouvelles trimestriel. Le fait d’avoir des indicateurs démontrant le haut niveau de consultation du site nous aide à poursuivre nos efforts pour obtenir des sources additionnelles de financement qui permettent de maintenir le site à jour.

Nous espérons poursuivre notre mission de répondre aux besoins des personnes qui se dédient à leur travail dans le domaine des lésions médullaires. Un grand merci de votre soutien continu!

Cordialement, The PAR-QoL Team

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