Canadian Access & Inclusion Project – Have your say!

Canadian Access & Inclusion Project – Have your say!

The Canadian Access & Inclusion Project is interested in your opinions, comments and recommendations to make Canada a more accessible and inclusive country. The project is led by Spinal Cord Injury Canada and includes 28 different disability organizations including the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

To participate in the online survey please click here – and look for a box named survey. By clicking the box you will have an opportunity of providing your input into this important process. We encourage you to participate.

As well you can check out the Rant, Rave & Recommend page: Here, you can share your thoughts about an accessible and inclusive Canada. What needs to be fixed? What’s working? And what are your solutions?

The feedback you give will be anonymously shared with the project researchers and compared to what is heard in the focus groups and interviews held across the country by many of the participating organizations. The information received will be analyzed to see what themes occur. All this information will be provided to Minister Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities who has been directed by Prime Minister Trudeau to recommend federal accessibility legislation. If you want to find out more about this process you can find it here;

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