April – Monthly Quality of (QoL) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Articles

April – Monthly Quality of (QoL) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Articles

Here is this April’s list of monthly articles relating to QoL and SCI

1) Augutis M, Anderson CJ. Coping strategies recalled by young adults who sustained a spinal cord injury during adolescence. Spinal Cord 2012;50:213-9.

2) Böthig R, Hirschfeld S, Thietje R. Quality of life and urological morbidity in tetraplegics with artificial ventilation managed with suprapubic or intermittent catheterisation. [Review]. Spinal Cord. 2012;50:247-51.

3) Cooper RA, Ferretti E, Oyster M, Kelleher A, Cooper, R. The relationship between wheelchair mobility patterns and community participation among individuals with spinal cord injury. Assistive Technology 2011;23:177-83.

4) de Groot S, Post MW, Bongers-Janssen HM, Bloemen-Vrencken JH, van der Woude LH. Is manual wheelchair satisfaction related to active lifestyle and participation in people with a spinal cord injury? Spinal Cord 2011;49:560-5.

5) Franceschini M, Pagliacci MC, Russo T, Felzani G, Aito S, Marini C; Italian Group for the Epidemiological Study of Spinal Cord Injuries. Occurrence and predictors of employment after traumatic spinal cord injury: The GISEM Study. Spinal Cord 2012;50:238-42.

6) Ginis KA, Hicks AL, Latimer AE, Warburton DE, Bourne C, Ditor DS, et al. The development of evidence-informed physical activity guidelines for adults with spinal cord injury. [Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Review]. Spinal Cord 2011;49:1088-96.

7) Othman AS, Engkasan, JP. Sexual dysfunction following spinal cord injury: The experiences of Malaysian women. Sex Disabil 2011;29:329-37.

8) Scovil CY, Ranabhat MK, Craighead IB, Wee J. Follow-up study of spinal cord injured patients after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation in Nepal in 2007. Spinal Cord 2012;50:   232-37.

9) Shem K, Medel R, Wright J, Kolakowsky-Hayner SA, Duong T. Return to work and school: a model mentoring program for youth and young adults with spinal cord injury. [Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t]. Spinal Cord 2011;49:544-48. 

10) Tasiemski T, Brewer BW. Athletic identity, sport participation, and psychological adjustment in people with spinal cord injury.  Adapt Phys Activ Q 2011;28:233-50.

11) van Leeuwen CM, Post MW, Westers P, van der Woude LH, de Groot S, Sluis T, et al. Relationships between activities, participation, personal factors, mental health, and life satisfaction in persons with spinal cord injury. [Comparative Study Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t]. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2012;93:82-9

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