SCIRE Outcome Measures Version 4 Now Online

SCIRE Outcome Measures Version 4 Now Online

The Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence (SCIRE) project has just launched version 4 of its outcome measures section.
SCIRE is a synthesis of the research evidence underlying rehabilitation interventions to improve the health of people living with SCI.

The products of SCIRE result from the combined efforts of expert scientists, clinicians, consumers and stakeholders to increase the accessibility of quality information in SCI rehabilitation.

The outcome measures section present common measures used in SCI clinical practice, provides information on the clinical utility and psychomeric properties of these measures, which helps clinicians select appropriate measures to help them accomplish a number of goals (i.e., monitor progress, evaluate programs, etc.).

The new features in the outcome measures section includes:

• How-to info that details everything needed for usage of each measure (selected videos, handy patient forms, measurement instructions and scoring).
• Summary pages detailing clinically relevant information for each measure.
• Data extraction documents with cited data for each measure.
• 13 new measures, bringing the total to 104 measures

To learn more about SCIRE, click here.

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