May 26, 2017

Rehabilitation Interventions for Individuals with a SCI in the Community Research Team

The R II SC team will develop and implement innovative, multimodal, and interprofessional community-based rehabilitation solutions to mitigate comorbidities and complications linked to endocrine-metabolic disease (EMD) among individuals with chronic (≥18 months) spinal cord injury/disease (SCI) living in the community.

These rehabilitation solutions will target detection, prevention and treatment initiatives aiming to optimize bone health (e.g.,osteoporosis, fracture risk) and minimize the negative effects associated to sarcopenic obesity (e.g., risk of diabetes and heart disease).

Alongside, a reduction of burden of care and direct health care costs are plausible through reduction in the frequency and severity of diabetes, heart diseases and fractures and increases in community participation.

The research activities of the R II SC team will be centered on two research priorities for modifying EMD risks among individuals with a chronic SCI living in the community.
1. Focus on community-based rehabilitation solutions
2. Focus on translational research
 These research priorities will be cohesively supported by five research foci:
1. Characterizing non-active sitting time
2. Selecting and evaluating rehabilitation solutions
3. Defining and refining processes and outcome measures
4. Identifying best practice implementation
5. Advocating for policy changes
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