PAR-QoL Update – New Features on the Way!

PAR-QoL Update – New Features on the Way!

The PAR-QoL site has now been online for over 8 months! Having started in November 2011, we are rolling out some new content and features to help with your understanding on quality of life (QoL) measurement in the field of spinal cord injury (SCI).

Here are a few features to look forward to for Fall 2012!

– Depression: A section on depression will be added to our secondary health conditions page, which will link to our outcome tools section to provided information on what QoL and participation measures have been used to assess the impact of depression.

– Physical Activity:  We will slowly be expanding our content to include other life domains.  Our first section will be on examining what tools have been used to measure the impact of physical activity on QoL and community participation.  Like our other sections on secondary health conditions, we will highlight which QoL tools have been used in this domain.

– Newsletter: In addition to our current news and events feature, a regular newsletter will be made available to subscribers discussing key issues and new advances in the field of SCI.

– Ask an Expert: This feature will allow visitors of the website to ask any questions regarding SCI to experts of the field through the website.

We hope the site has been useful and we are always looking for thoughts and feedback.  Please feel free to comment on our blog or send us an email with any feedback.

Thank you for your continued interest and we hope that you will keep visiting frequently!

Sincerely yours,

The PAR-QoL Team


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