Rehabilitation Measures Database

Rehabilitation Measures Database

The Rehabilitation Measures Database ( was developed to help clinicians and researchers identify reliable and valid instruments used to assess patient outcomes during all phases of rehabilitation. The database provides evidence-based summaries that include:

  • Concise descriptions of each instrument’s psychometric properties
  • Instructions for administering/scoring each assessment (along with a bibliography with citations linked to PubMed abstracts).
  • Whenever possible, they have also included a copy of the instrument for visitors to the site to download or information on where to obtain the instrument.

This site has reviewed more than 70 instruments (including some for quality of life and social participation) for use with stroke patients and they are adding spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) criteria to reviews, with reported plans to expand the database to include several other diagnoses over the next few years.

This is an excellent resource for clinicians/researchers working in the field of rehabilitation to help with selecting and identifying relevant outcome measures for their research/program evaluation and/or clinical practice.  Check out the site here.

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