ParQoL Feb Blog – Portraying the lives of Canadians with spinal cord injury.

ParQoL Feb Blog – Portraying the lives of Canadians with spinal cord injury.

Dr. Luc Noreau and colleagues have recently published findings from a national survey describing the lives of Canadians with spinal cord injury (Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation 2014) 

The aims of this study were to determine the extent of met and unmet needs of people living with SCI and to describe the quality of life and life satisfaction within specific domains.


1. Equipment and technical aids

2. General health care

3. Short-distance transportation

4. Accessible housing

5. SCI-specialized healthcare

*Approximately 75% of respondents report that their top 5 needs are being met.

Quality of Life and Life Satisfaction

  • Approximatley 60% (non-traumatic SCI) and 70% (traumatic SCI) of participants reported good or very good quality of life.
  • Respondents were most satisfied with family life, partner relationships, psychological health, and contacts with friends.
  • Respondents were least satisfied with vocational and financial situation, recreation, and physical health (particularly with their sex life).

This survey is the first in Canada to provide a comprehensive picture of community living for individuals with SCI. The results will help to determine the links between various aspects of community living and will help guide service providers to focus on major issues that may enhance quality of life after SCI.

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